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As a premier company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every assignment.​ We offer a wide range of Thermal Imaging in Sydney to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost effective workmanship at all times.

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Communication is Key

We will provide you with a obligation free quotation and once accepted schedule a date and time to visit site and carry out your thermal survey. Any major issues will be discussed with the maintenance personnel while on-site so that they can be addressed with accordingly. We are always available and are easily contactable by phone or email. Many clients who have not had or even heard of thermal imaging always ask why should i have this done?

The answers are simple: Money- Reduction of unexpected failures, Less expensive repairs, Ability to plan and schedule maintenance repairs, Reduce Lost Production. Safety- Decrease the risk of an electrical or mechanical catastrophic failure.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

CeeTek Thermal Imaging Pty Ltd strive to save you time and Our Services are delivered by 'Certified' experienced thermographers, utilising modern equipment to ensure the best possible outcome; meeting Industry and Insurance Company requirements on Electrical, Mechanical & Production but not limited to.

CeeTek enables greater services and expertise, generating cost effectiveness to all Clients. 

Uses of Thermal Imaging In Electrical: Hot or Loose Connections, Phase Supply, Underfloor Heating, Overheated Components, Solar Panels

Mechanical & Maintenance: Pumps and Motors, Bearings, Hydraulic Systems, Pipes and Ducting, Leak Detection, Moisture, Mold & Damp

Energy Efficency: Insulation Defects, Air Leakage, and Refrigeration.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often should i inspect?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about thermal imaging, and unfortunately there is no right answer Many insurance companies suggest or require inspecting once a year, and while this is adequate for most applications your particular system or situation may benefit from a more frequent schedule of 6 monthly.

How critical is it?

Critical portions of a system such as primary power circuits should be generally inspected more often than secondary or auxiliary systems. Twice a year during summer and winter peaks is not too often for important equipment.

What about the enviroment?

Areas of corrosion, heavy dust and vibration will probably require a more frequent survey schedule.

What is loading?

Heavy electrical or mechanical loading can cause a small problem to escalate into a failure in a relatively short time. Electrical faults within a system can cause the contact area to burn or pit causing problems even in areas remote from the original fault.

What about a new installation or one that has been modified?

Inspections should be tied to acceptance of new or modified equipment. Just because the equipment is new, this does not mean that it will be problem free. A thermal survey will find loose connections or alignment and lubrication problems before you accept the work as complete.



We have been using Ceetek since 2012 and are happy with the service. Colin produces an easy to read report including pictures and descriptions to easily locate faults.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Drew Baker   

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks



After a fire in our factory we wanted to get all electrical boards tested for temperature issues.

We found Colin from Ceetek to do this for us and has been testing our boards for 3 years and his report is very clear and easy for us to understand and act on.

Very happy with the service

Kind Regards

Rudi Ringger

B & M Plastics Pty. Ltd. 


I originally approached Ceetek Thermal Imaging to satisfy an insurance requirement and did not know much about the survey at the time.   12 months later our new insurer did not require continuation of the Electrical Infrared Survey Report but we elect to have it for the peace of mind it provides. We volunteer the Report to our insurers each year as an example of good risk management practices.

The result is the annual reassurance that we do not have any hot electrical connections that could cause a fire.  If a hot connection was detected then we could do something about it averting a potential disaster in the process. 

Colin conducts the Survey in an efficient manner without any interruption to our business.  His Reports are comprehensive yet easy for a layperson to read.

Ceetek is one of the few services I gladly pay for and would recommend to others.

Kind Regards, 

Ian Hall

  1. ianhall@elephantbackpacker.com.au


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